Our Higher Calling

Rebuilding the partnership between America and its colleges & universities.

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Americans from all walks of life are losing confidence in American higher education and their numbers are increasing at an alarming rate. This decline in public support has resulted in over half of American colleges and universities having an unstainable business model. In Our Higher Calling—Rebuilding the Partnership between America and its Colleges and Universities, Holden Thorp and Buck Goldstein confront these problems head on, replacing common misconceptions with the real challenges facing higher education. First, they lay out the strengths and challenges facing the diverse set of institutions that comprise American higher education. Next they discuss the unique roles of students, faculty, and administration, none of which aligns with commercial concepts such as customers, employees, or management. They then address the areas where universities can most effectively deliver on public expectations in a way that builds trust and a stronger partnership with the public. Finally, they frame a national conversation on rebuilding the partnership that applies to all schools big and small, public and private and suggest practical approaches that will pave the way for this critical dialogue.

Our Higher Calling is scheduled to be released in September, 2018 with pre-ordering available now on Amazon.

About the Authors

Holden Thorp

Holden Thorp, Ph. D, is a career university educator, administrator, researcher, and author. He is also an accomplished musician, preferring the bass. Holden is the Provost of Washington University, holds degrees from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, California Institute of Technology, and Yale University. He has two children in college, and he lives with his wife Patti in St. Louis, MO.

Buck Goldstein

Buck Goldstein is a lawyer by training, and has been involved in entrepreneurial activities for most of his professional life. He founded the Shuford Entrepreneurship Program at the University of North Carolina where he continues to teach. He and his wife Kay live in Chapel Hill, N.C. and Martha’s Vineyard, MA. They have two grown children.


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