Buck Goldstein
Entrepreneur in Residence and Professor of the Practice UNC-Chapel Hill

Welcome to Our Higher Calling, the inaugural issue of a regular newsletter on the issues I find most compelling in the tumultuous space called higher education.  Over the last 16 months, I have talked to many of you either in person or virtually about the book I co-wrote with Holden Thorp, Our Higher Calling: Rebuilding the Partnership Between America and Its Colleges and Universities. Little did we know that the challenges we outlined would come at us even faster and with more ferocity than we could have imagined. College closings and mergers are no longer unusual and the conversation around them as taken on a new sense of urgency. College access, testing, and legacy admissions have evolved from debates among academics to the lead story on cable news and the fallout has been actual jail time for those involved in the fraud that was uncovered. The cost of college and the debt associated with it is a centerpiece of the 2020 Presidential campaign and “free college” is a phrase that has entered the popular lexicon. Scores more books on these and other subjects have been published since Our Higher Calling was released and many more are planned.  Every day new and important research and commentary comes to my attention.  

We wrote Our Higher Calling to contribute to a national conversation on higher education at a time when it is under siege. I hope this newsletter will further that goal by providing my thoughts on issues I believe are important combined with a summary of other provocative articles I think are worthy of your attention. I look forward to continuing the conversation both in person and virtually on the website



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