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Holden Thorp

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Today we are running a guest blog from Jennifer Lee, the Julian Clarence Levi Professor of Social Sciences at Columbia University. Earlier this year, Professor Lee provided an important editorial for us on anti-Asian violence. A renowned sociologist, Lee is an expert on the Asian experience in the United States and globally.

This week, she writes about the history of xenophobia, scapegoating, and the racial foundations of US immigration law that produced stereotypes of Asians as foreign, un-American, and expendable. This legacy of bigotry and exclusion continues to affect Asian Americans today, from Olympic gold medalists to pioneering scientists.

We are delighted to welcome Dr. Lee as a regular contributor to the Editor’s Blog to discuss issues related to the experience of Asian scientists in the United States and around the world. Given the tension between the US federal government and the Chinese government, the misperceptions about Asian Americans’ experiences and attitudes, and the horrific anti-Asian sentiment that has skyrocketed in the wake of COVID-19, her inimitable voice is critical for the scientific community as it strives toward a more equitable, inclusive, and just future.

Welcome Dr. Lee!


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